Every NFL Team’s Most Random Player Fans Forgot About

It is a very uncommon thing when a player manages to play their entire career with one organization. As this list is going to prove time and time again, even if they are considered to be some of the best to ever play, it does not mean that these careers ended in a blaze of glory and in the city that they made a name for themselves.

An example is Eric Dickerson, who was outstanding for the Rams and the Colts, but definitely left far fewer people impressed in comparison to his tenure with the Raiders and Falcons. Or Shaun Alexander, who played the last year of his career in Washington but was so ineffective, rushing for only 24 yards, that he may as well have just retired when he stopped playing for Seattle.

The flip side can also be true as some players in the league may have also gotten a start in places that you might not remember, like Steve Young, who Tampa Bay had hoped would be their saviour, or Danny Amendola, who turned a role on the Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad into a great career.

Their legacies weren’t built in these cities you are about to read about and if you asked some of them, like Franco Harris, who ended his career in Seattle, they would probably rather not remember they played there at all. Being amazing football players does not mean they always made amazing decisions with regards to their career. This is Every NFL Team’s Most Random Player Fans Forgot About.

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32: Danny Amendola – Dallas Cowboys

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When Danny Amendola suits up this year, it is as a member of the Miami Dolphins. But prior to that. Amendola made a name for himself as a member of the New England Patriots, including winning two super bowls with the team. But both of those things may just make it even harder to remember that when Danny first entered into the league, it was as a member of the Dallas Cowboys as the team signed him after he went undrafted. Amendola was eventually cut before the regular season started but still managed to spend the year on the practice squad for the team where he surely gained a ton of experience.

31: Kurt Warner – New York Giants

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Kurt Warner was an influential part in helping create the “Greatest Show on Turf” as a member of the St. Louis Rams. Warner spent 1998-2003 in St.Louis, including winning a Super Bowl. But when it came time for Warner to call it quits, most fans might not remember (or would just rather choose not to) the fact that Warner’s career then saw him play for the New York Giants where he did start the season for the team but was replaced by Eli Manning with 7 games left in the season who would then go on to play the next 210 games for the Giants as the starting quarterback before stopping, ranking as the 2nd highest ironman streak for a QB in NFL history.

30: Art Monk – Philadelphia Eagles

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Art Monk is one of the most influential members to ever play for the Washington Redskins. Which may make it even more difficult to see that when Monk’s career was over it was in the uniform of one of their NFC East rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. Monk failed to make a splash in Philly, only appearing in 3 games (and starting in 1) before he realized that his time in the NFL was done. Prior to that Monk had played from 1980-1993 in Washington, with his best year coming in 1984 where he received 1,372 yards and 7 TDs and spent the 1994 season as a member of the Jets.

29: Shaun Alexander – Washington Redskins

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Shaun Alexander owes a lot of his success in Seattle to the offensive line that he ran behind, including Hall of Famer Walter Jones who always did what he could to provide a running lane. And while the last two years he played in Seattle were nothing close to what he achieved in his breakout 2005 season that had him rush for 1,880 yards and also saw him win the MVP award (as well as offensive player of the year), he still managed to start in 10 games both of the following years. But when Washington called him up in 2008, it led to only 4 games played (none started), 24 yards and a forgettable end to his career.

28: Jared Allen – Chicago Bears

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Jared Allen is definitely one of the more outspoken (but talented) players in the NFL. Which is something that the Kansas City Chiefs who drafted him in 2004 learned quickly, as did the fans of the Minnesota Vikings who fell in love with Allen when he played there from 2008-2013, including the 2011 season where he recorded a career-high 22 sacks. And while there were still things to appreciate about Allen’s tenure in Chicago that included a small break where he spent 12 games in Carolina before returning to Chicago, the legacy that he has left on the game of football was not created in Chicago.

27: Jeff Saturday – Green Bay Packers

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Peyton Manning has many people in his life that I am sure he would say were influential in the amount of success that he was able to attain in the NFL. But I am sure he would also agree that there is just something special about the bond between the center and the QB. And for Peyton, the man who passed him the ball for years was Jeff Saturday who played with the team from 1999 until 2011. Perhaps it made sense for Saturday to move on, after all, Manning did, but that did not make it any less unusual to see him spending the last year of his career as a member of the Green Bay Packers.

26: Donovan McNabb – Minnesota Vikings

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Donovan McNabb may never be as loved in the city of Philadelphia as Nick Foles, after all, McNabb just got them to a Super Bowl before losing to Tom Brady, but Foles won! And you can also rest assured that McNabb did not do anything of note to build a career for himself when he played for the Minnesota Vikings. After spending 1999-2009 in Philly, McNabb went on to have a lackluster end to his career that saw him spend 2010 in Washington where he started 13 games and an even worse 2011 as a member of the Vikings when he played in only 6.