LA Kings Lose Power Forward Dustin Brown With Broken Finger

Dustin Brown, a forward for the Los Angeles Kings will have to sit out of the game for an unknown amount of time.

According to The Score, he somehow managed to break his finger in the final preseason game, on Sunday.

How he got his finger hurt exactly is not entirely clear, but it seems as though he took a puck to the hand, luckily it was only his finger that suffered the brunt of the damage.

What makes this so bad is that the team will certainly be down a player who can’t really speed up his recovery, and since Brown is a pretty important piece of the Kings lineup, the team will definitely feel his absence.

Brown is also a player that doesn’t really miss games, in fact, he’s only missed a tiny eighteen outings since he began playing for the Los Angeles Kings in 2005. He’s also managed to play in all 82 a whopping five times.

Last season, when he landed 28 goals and 33 assists. This then led to him getting a sweet career-high of sixty-one points. This even led to him becoming a great two-way player that can really pack a punch in any situation, especially in power plays.

Via TVA Sports

Obviously, the Kings will feel his absence, but there is a fear that Brown might miss a step if he’s gone for too long. The power-forward plays a physical game, so any time missing games and practice could be an issue down the line. Still, the Kings look strong and with the newly signed Illya Kovalchuk, the team should play with a renewed vigor, and hopefully, can make an impact despite their aging core.

One thing that doesn’t look too good for the Kings is that this is the third consecutive season that they have started without a major team player on their side. This means that they have not been on full power for a while and it may contribute to a morale loss as well as some games lost. Still, there will be time for the team to adjust to this missing piece, and thankfully, they’ll have an entire season to make up for any lost ground from those first few games.