Bill Belichick Gives Blunt Answer To Reporter Who Questions Patriots’ Start To Season

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is known for being quite dull with the media, refusing to go in depth about football and often giving reporters blunt responses during interviews.

Belichick met with reporters to discuss the team’s upcoming contest with the 5-0 Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday. According to NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano, the following exchange took place between Belichick and a reporter who asked him about their Week 6 opponent.

Add that to the list of epic Bill Belichick press conferences. A reporter simply tried their best to squeeze an answer out of the Hooded Genius, but they were met with another sassy response from the legendary head coach.

This recent conversation is reminiscent about the post-game conference Belichick had with reporters following a blowout Week 4 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs back in 2014. He kept responding with “Were on to Cincinnati,” when asked about the defeat. The Patriots would go on to crush the Bengals, and the soundbite became one of Belichick’s fines.

And when asked about reporters about the upcoming 2018 season back in the summer, Belichick gave a sharp response of “My focus is on the 2018 season, not 2017, not 2014, not 2007, not 2004, not 2001, not 2000.”

Belichick and the Patriots sit at 3-2 as they prepare for a Sunday night tilt with Patrick Mahomes and the 5-0 Chiefs. New England lost its season opener 42-27 to Kansas City at Gillette Stadium a year ago. In fact, it was New England’s first regular season home loss to an AFC team in which Tom Brady played all four quarters since the 2016 season.

The Week 6 contest could determine home field advantage throughout the 2018 playoffs, but Belichick unfortunately wouldn’t tell the reporter if the Chiefs are his pick as the top team in the AFC right now.

It’s now up to Mahomes and Kansas City to go out and steal another win in Foxborough. If they can do that, maybe Belichick will finally admit that Kansas City is the top team in the AFC.